Monday, August 21, 2006

Our new favorite activity

What could be better than a family day out on the bike trail? Well, we've been biking as a family since we first moved to Colorado, but the family bike trip has taken on new meaning since Brynn has learned to ride on the...hmm...what to call it. Some call it the Tag Along, some call it the Caboose, but the name on the bike is Alley Cat. It's an attachment that we screw onto Scott's bike that makes it into a kid-sized tandem bike. Scott does most of the pedaling, but Brynn helps out a bit on hills when requested. The best part about it is that she seems to really enjoy it and there's no more screaming coming from the previously shared bike trailer! Now Callie gets the whole trailer to herself - lots of room to stretch out an enjoy the ride, a board book, and a good sippy cup of watered down juice. What more could a seventeen month old baby want?

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