Monday, August 07, 2006

Uncle Nick's Wedding

Uncle Nick's wedding was not only a success, but a blast as well. Because Brynn is generally well behaved, we weren't concerned about her being able to deal with the long hours there and, thankfully, she came through for us! Talk about sleep deprivation...this poor three year old who normally sleeps 12-14 hours out of every 24 hours only slept about 8 out of every 24 hours while in Cabo. Despite that, she had a great time and behaved well.

Brynn had a chance to spend time with some very special Foy family friends and she got to share a hotel room with her Grandpa! She had her first encounter with a seemingly endless amount of sand while she tried to eat lunch on the beach and she got to swim in the Sea of Cortez for the first time. During the wedding, she walked about a quarter mile during the ceremony to get from the starting point of the "aisle" to the altar...ok, maybe not a quarter mile but it did take a seriously long time (check out the photo below - she's so far away from the front of the ceremony you can barely see her). At least we know she listens well! During the rehearsal she was told to "walk slowly!"

After the ceremony we danced (and sweated) well into the night. Brynn started dancing while everyone else was eating. She made quick visits to the dinner table to pick up a few more bites of steak and then she was right back out there on the dance floor. The only time she sat down all night was to eat her cake - apparently the cake deserved her full attention! Mommy and Brynn were sweating so much we went for a dip in the pool...much to Brynnie's chagrin. She didn't realize she'd be soaking her flower girl dress! She was not happy about that...check out the photo below of Brynn grimacing. Scott took it right after we got out of the pool!

This trip marked Brynn's first time (and Scott's too) navigating through la migración y la aduana (immigration and customs) and her first time hearing Spanish spoken by someone other than Dora, Diego, or Mommy! She seemed impressed by Mommy's very rudimentary knowledge of Spanish (my favorite conversation was with the hotel security guard..."Por favor, señor, ¿qué es el opuesto de 'a fuera'? A ver, estoy a fuera, y ahora estoy...¿cómo se dice?"). It was a little bit sad that I'd lost so much of the language, but we managed to get around none the less. We didn't take a ton of photos during the trip, but these are some I thought you might enjoy...

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