Monday, September 25, 2006

A week with Grandma and Grandpa

Actually, the way Brynn says it their names are really "grandmuh" and "grandpuh" which we find humorous since neither Scott nor I nor any of her grandpuhrents say it that way. Anyway, Scott's parents were here for a whole week and what a blast we had! It was so great to have somebody else around to listen to Brynn's life musings and to laugh at Callie's ridiculous tantrums. Most of all, it was such a blessing to Brynn and Callie - Scott and I really believe that the more adults they have around telling them what special kids they are and how much they are loved, the better.

The week started off with a really cold night up in Broomfield visiting Grandma Gelardi (my mom) and then spending Sunday at a sports bar watching the Bengals kick the Browns' you know whats. On Monday Grandma and Grandpa took Brynn to the North Pole which (contrary to popular belief) is actually at the base of Pike's Peak. On Tuesday they got to experience Callie's gymnastics class and pick-up/drop-off for Brynn's preschool. Wednesday they watched Brynn's gym class and took a gorgeous hike to the base of a waterfall near Garden of the Gods. Thursday was a trip to the Olympic Training Center and an afternoon working on Care Bear costumes, and Friday was too cold to do anything except sit around the fire in our family room! It was a great chance to just kick back after a very busy week.

It really was a fun week for all of us (well, at least for our side of the family...hopefully Grandma and Grandpa had fun, too!) and we can't wait to see them again at Thanksgiving! Here are a few photos from the week - Brynn on the motorcycles at the North Pole, Brynn with the magician and his rabbit at the North Pole, Brynn and Grandpa on Santa's sleigh, trying on flower girl dresses at the bridal shop, and at the base of the waterfall.

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