Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunshine and Porcupine

By now, you've probably all heard that we Coloradoans had a massive snowstorm on Thursday. Being the quick-thinking outdoorsy types that we are, Scott and I decided Thursday evening that we needed to take a quick ski trip this weekend. We knew the weather would be beautiful by Saturday and that the slopes wouldn't be too crowded. We even hoped Brynn could get in a few runs.

We decided to go to Loveland, famous for being one of the two highest ski resorts (in altitude, that is...although we did breath the exhilations of a pot-smoking snowboarder for a bit) in Colorado and usually one of the first to open in the fall and last to close in the spring (or sometimes summer). We left the house at 6:15 in the morning and arrived at Loveland at 8am. It was VERY cold when we got out of the car but we had faith that once the sun made it over the mountains we'd be sweatin'. We dropped Callie off at the bargain child care center (it's the only child care center there, and it's a bargain) and headed for our first lift. Getting Brynn to the lift was a bit of a challenge, since it was uphill. Halfway there I gave up and took off her skis and carried them while she walked the rest of the way. Brynn enjoyed the lift - I think it was the longest she's been on. At the top, it quickly became clear that we were not going to be able to ski with her all day as we had intended. Loveland's bunny hill was not open yet, just the beginner and intermediate runs. Beginner runs are not the same as bunny hills, as we found out four shaking quads and two stiff backs later.

Brynn soon joined her sister at the bargain child care center and mom and dad were off for a day of warm-weather skiing. As we talked about it on the lifts, we realized that Scott and I have never skied in good weather together. I grew up skiing in decent weather but ever since we've been skiing together the weather has to say it? AWFUL! Cold, windy, miserable. Not my idea of fun and Scott apparently never knew any better so he thought it was great. In fact, we'd never skied together wearing sunglasses. It always had to be goggles. Ick.

It was an historic day of skiing for us. Kids in child care, beautiful warm sunshine, pot-smoking snowboarders, a breathtaking view of I-70 and the Eisenhower Tunnel, and, I almost forgot...the porcupine!! You probably won't believe me since we don't have a photo to prove it, but at about 11,500 feet, near the end of a lift, we saw a porcupine rummaging around in a tree (Scott says it was on a rock but I'm pretty sure the little guy was in a tree) beneath our chairlift! Mindboggling...I mean, who expects to see a porcupine while they're skiing? Who expects to see any animal while they're skiing? Much less a porcupine. Anyway, it was about the size of a big raccoon and, dare I say, cute! Made me want to ski through the rough terrain to check it out up close. My better judgment (I mean, my husband) got the best of me though. Hence, no photo. Check out the album for a couple of fun photos, though. Look at Scott jump and then Scott take a spill. Ouch. Tips up!

Ooh...I also included a few photos of the herd of deer that lives in our yard. People look at me funny when I say there are 17 of them. Unfortunately, only 15 showed up for the photo session last week. Click on the photo below to get to our most recent photos.

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