Wednesday, January 03, 2007

No presents next year. Seriously.

Who knew that two little girls could make such a fuss on Christmas Day? Scott and I (well, I mostly) have decided that next year there will be no presents. So, if you're reading this and thought you were going to get our "sweet" girls something nice for Christmas next year, you've got nearly twelve months to re-think it. They did both open savings accounts about a week ago, so if you want to give them five bucks to put in their bank accounts, go for it. What could those darling children do to make their normally unflapable mother so sure that there will be no presents next year? As soon as the unwrapping began, so did the fighting. Brynn stole Callie's stuff, Callie cried. Callie stole her stuff back, Brynn and Callie both cried. Brynn laid down on Callie's new sofa (yes, Santa brought Callie a sofa) and then cried because Callie didn't want to come sit with her. Callie sat on her sofa and then kicked Brynn when Brynn tried to sit there, too. And, yes, then Brynn cried. Brynn got sent to her room at least three times.

It's funny because a few days before Christmas I was listening to Dan Patrick talk about how he thought he was the only kid who'd ever been disciplined on Christmas. Santa had brought an electronic football game that Dan assumed was for him. As it turns out, it was for his brother. Dan tried to use it and ended up getting punished. I was thinking about Dan Patrick on Christmas morning. Thinking about how unsurprising it was that he got smacked. Maybe his memory of being in trouble on Christmas morning is the only reason our children didn't get smacked, too. I'd hate for a spanking to be what comes to their minds when they think of Christmas.

So, seriously, no presents next year. Thank you so much for the lovely gifts that you sent this year - the girls are now beginning to enjoy playing with them without a huge amount of fighting. I'm sure in the end the gifts will be a blessing. But, still, no presents next year. I think we'll spend the day working in a soup kitchen or handing out sandwiches to homeless people. That's probably how Jesus would celebrate his birthday, don't you think?

(Here's a link to some photos from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Don't let them fool presents next year.)


Michael said...

ok well first of all let me say that Scott, I'm very disappointed in the broncos hat as well as the hats the girls have on in the pictures, it makes marvin cry... and also gives kyle larson slippery fingers but anyway... loved the story about Christmas fighting... i think with two girls so close in age it's inevitable. and there's nothing wrong with remembering their spanking on Christmas, just means next year is going to be smooth sailing :).

Our Little Family said...

Just to clear the's a Bengals hat he's wearing. I've tried to get him to switch teams, but he is and (to his detriment) always will be a Bengal fan.

The girls, on the other hand, being raised as Coloradoans, will make the most of their opportunity to be Bronco fans. Scott and I will both encourage that - nobody knows better than Scott the pain of being a Bengal fan!

I, at the moment, am a woman without a team. Hopefully when the girls move out football can move back in.