Saturday, February 24, 2007

Almost finished.

The kitchen is almost done! The new quartz countertops went in yesterday and all of the under-cabinet lighting is finished. We're still waiting on a few parts of the crown molding to arrive and we need to choose and order the backsplash tile. Scott and I will tile the backsplash whenever we have a free weekend and a babysitter.

Most of you probably don't remember how the kitchen looked when we moved in nearly three years ago. Here's a photo of it then:

And now:

We made a few changes as soon as we moved in (painted the cabinets, changed the hardware). Right before Callie was born we replaced the range and dishwasher. Last Christmas we replaced the countertop and backsplash and a few months later we got a new floor. This summer, we found an amazing deal on the refrigerator we'd had our eye on, so we snatched it up. Then, this January, we decided we were ready to tear out all of the old cabinets and replace them. The old cabinets looked pretty good but with the amount of time I spend cooking (and the joy Scott and I get from a great meal), it seemed worth it to us to upgrade the insides of the cabinets. I wanted full extension glides on the drawers, roll out trays, European hinges, all the good stuff. So, we replaced the windows, ripped out the old (but still sort of new) countertops, moved the old cabinets to the garage, and let the fun begin.

For more photos of the nearly finished kitchen (including lots of the new countertops) check out our ever-changing kitchen album:


Julie said...

Wow! I love the new kitchen!! I'm quite sure all the work will be worthwhile with all of the time and meals you'll enjoy in that space. I'm inspired now to make a major change in our kitchen!

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