Friday, February 09, 2007

We're getting a new kitchen!

Today Brynn told me that her pink kitchen is getting old and she needs a new one. Apparently my enthusiasm for our new kitchen (or should I say MY new kitchen) has been obvious. The cabinets arrived today (8:04 am - KraftMaid doesn't mess around) and the installer opened every box, inspected every cabinet, and everything appears to be in good shape for installation on Monday. Scott and I are tearing out the old cabinets and repairing any damage to the wall this weekend. We're going skiing on Saturday so Sunday will be a busy day. Hope we can get it all done!

Check out the photo album below for before and after photos. We've only got a few in there now, but I'll update it as the kitchen gets closer to being finished. If I can find the original kitchen photos (from when we first moved in, before the early and very minor kitchen renovation) I'll post those, too!

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Michael said...

some of us are very eager to see the final product... :)