Thursday, March 15, 2007

This is so easy, I could do it in my sleep.

For Callie's second birthday, we trekked up to Summit County for a little family adventure. Brynn started skiing a few days after turning two (in a blizzard, none the less), so we figured Callie could give it a try on her big birthday weekend. So on a gorgeous, sunny spring day we stuck Callie into Brynn's old skis and boots, hooked her up to a ski harness, and rode up the bunny hill with her. All was going well ("ski fun" became Callie's new favorite phrase) until naptime. Oh, no, she didn't act up. Never got cranky, never threw a fit. Instead, while on the lift with her daddy, she went to sleep. Ok, so who hasn't been tempted to take a catnap on a lift? With the sun like a cozy electric blanket and the chair rocking ever so gently? Callie gave in and drifted off.

When the time came for Scott to get her off the lift, Callie was still asleep. We figured she'd wake up as soon as her feet hit the ground, but no such luck. Not only did she not wake up when she was taken off the lift, she never woke up - she slept the entire way down the mountain while Scott held her up like a little marionette. At the bottom of the hill he tried to get her to stand up and as he gently let go of her harness she slowly collapsed into the snow.

Don't believe me? Say it ain't so? Here's the (very amateur) video to prove it...


Michael said...

HAHA!! that is a riot! So Callie can do it, but is it easy enough for a caveman?

Hillary Dickman said...

You'll have to come out for a visit and find out for yourself! :)