Thursday, May 17, 2007

Callie and her pony

Ok, so I realize that I'm about to blog about old material, but to most of you it's new, right? When Callie was about 18 months, she started asking to go for a pony ride. I put it off and put it off (it's expensive, it's at a horse place that caters to tourists, and she was supposed to be two years old before she could ride - one side note, can I tell you how happy I am to live in a place where tourists come to visit?). On one recent beautiful spring day I finally gave in.

The ponies the girls rode weren't really ponies...they were more like smallish horses. What shocked me the most was that Brynn is actually finally starting to look like she fits on a horse. She's been riding ponies since she was about 21 months old (yes, we broke the 2-year old minimum for her) and until this ride she always looked like a "Kid Sister" doll plopped up on top of the pony.

Back to Callie, since this post is supposed to be about her. Callie showed no fear when I put her up on the horse. Of course, being a good Scott-Hillary combo, she didn't exactly show any excitement, either. No smiles, no giggles, no eyes lighting up. But, the serious expression let me know that, inside, she was stoked.

Here are a few pics of our super-excited 2-year old and her veteran pony-riding sister.

Just for comparison, here's one of Brynn on her first pony ride. Of course, she was very serious. If you compare her then and her now, it's tough to tell how much she's grown. The horse she was on in the top photo is much bigger than the pony in the photo below.

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