Thursday, August 23, 2007

Let the dancing begin

From this photo, it's easy to tell who the more "colorful" character is.

It makes me laugh when Callie picks out colors that reflect her personality. At the dance store (where we went to buy new leotards, tights, and ballet shoes for both girls), Brynn was immediately drawn to the monotonal look of the ballet pink leotard with the ballet pink tights and shoes (both girls are required to wear ballet pink tights and shoes). Callie, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with monotone. She immediately went for the purple leotard and when we got home grabbed the turquoise tutu with the yellow flower petals inside, while Brynn wanted the pink tutu with pink flower petals inside.

Callie - my child who moves from adventure to adventure, who rarely stops wiggling, who can talk nonstop for an hour, who will repeat her questions like a broken record until you respond. She wants color.

Brynn - my child who has been able to entertain herself since she was a baby, who can sit and listen to as many books as you can read without making a peep, who will sit all the way through a feature length film without moving a muscle. She wants monotone.

And, of course, if we had to predict who would choose which colors, it would be an easy prediction. But, seeing their personalities take on color, right before my eyes, is still a kick.

The girls' dance classes actually start the week after Labor Day - I hope they like the classes as much as they like their clothes!


Madame Dragonfly said...

My goodness they are adorable! I cannot wait to see them!

Julie said...

Ha! I love the parallels to their personalities! They look adorable and ready to show their skills on the stage. Can't wait to hear more about dance classes. :)