Monday, August 20, 2007

Nobody would play with me.

On the way home from Brynn's first day of school today, she told me that nobody at school wanted to play with her. This, of course, bothered me but I tried to pretend like it wasn't a big deal and moved onto the next topic. As I put her to bed tonight, I asked her more about it. "Which girls were playing together today at school?" I asked.
"Nobody was playing together," she told me.
"You mean everyone was playing by themselves?"
"Yes," she replied.
"So it's not that they didn't want to play with you - everyone was just playing alone," I probed.
"Mom, it just takes some time," she told me. Ahhhh...the wisdom of a four and a half year old girl.

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Michael said...

oh that's hilarious! Kids saying grown up things is always hysterical. i remember hearing a story from Chrisie when Maggie was 4. Chrisie walked in and says "Hey Maggie, how are you?" and Maggie replied "Mom, can I just be alone with my thoughts."