Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We've been havin' fun all summer long...

I can't get the Beach Boys tune, "All Summer Long" out of my head. I'll attribute that problem to my dad, who used to pop the Beach Boys into the tape deck of our old blue 77 Volvo 244DL when I was a kid - but only in the summer, of course. And usually on the way to big swim meets. On one hand, I feel like summer's gone by way too fast, and, yes, we've been havin' fun all summer long. On the other hand, I'm looking forward to experiencing life with Brynn in school from 8:30am-1pm almost every day. But, really, who wouldn't miss laying on a lounge chair next to the pool with good friends, good books, and once in a while a good Bloody Mary?

The good news is that we've got all kinds of new adventures planned for the fall. Okay, maybe just one very serious adventure. Pip arrives in about a week and a half (August 25th). Her stuff (crate, bed, grooming supplies, etc.) is beginning to show up at my door care of JB Pet Supplies and LL Bean. We've talked to the woman in charge of the K-9 Training Program at the prison and she says that Pip will definitely be ready to come home after six weeks of training (the minimum training time). Pip must be a smart girl!

In addition to the new dog, both of the girls will be taking dance classes this fall. Callie will be in a pre-ballet class and Brynn will be in a ballet/tap combo. Sounds like fun! The school where they'll be going is called Turning Pointe School of Dance and has great reviews from the moms in town who send their girls there. I'm not expecting this to be a lifelong hobby for the girls (we'll be moving on to ice hockey as soon as they're old enough), but what little girl doesn't want to get dressed up in pink and act like a ballerina?

At some point this fall I'll probably also re-enroll the girls in swim lessons. They've both progressed tremendously this summer and I'd hate for them to lose the skills they've learned. Plus, Brynn's itchin' to start racing, but she can't even swim freestyle across the pool yet. She can cross the pool underwater, coming up for a breath a few times, and she can swim freestyle for about 5 yards, but that's not gonna cut it in a swim meet. I didn't realize how much she wants to race until I overheard her talking to my dad a few days ago. She said something to the effect of, "Yeah, I'm a good swimmer. I wanna race. Winning's gonna finish when I start racing." I think that means that nobody else is going to win once she gets in the pool! Callie, on the other hand, at the tender age of two and a half years, believes she can swim by herself but actually cannot. She can go under water for a good five seconds or so without sucking water in, but she cannot get from point A to point B...unless she's holding onto the wall or her mom. At her age, I (of course) don't expect her to swim by herself. What gets me laughing is that she thinks she can. She tries to push off of me and swim away, but she sinks. Her body fat is probably about 8% (that might be generous), so there's not much to hold her up. And, she kicks like she's riding a bike. But, boy, does she have fun! Have you ever seen one of those dog competitions where the dogs take a running start off of a dock and jump into a lake? That's what Callie looks like when she jumps into the water to me. Like a little yellow lab. She's such a crack up.

Here are a few fun photos from their last week of swim lessons. They really do love being in the pool.

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