Tuesday, September 25, 2007

House before and after

So, our siding is finished and the painting is almost done. They are just about finished with the front - just need to refinish the deck but I don't think the color will change much, so I'm ready to post before and afters...

Our house as it looked when listed on the MLS before we bought it:

Our house today:

And here's a slideshow linked to our photo album with some more recent photos, including a close up of our new front door! And a few of the little munchkins.


J said...

What's more impressive than Dickman stacking his leftovers is that there are leftovers...and I am not talking about the peas.

Oh yeah...the house looks good too.

Nick said...

Unbelievable how much better the house looks! It's like a new identity! Congrats.