Sunday, September 23, 2007


I'm not doing handstands anymore to try to entertain myself. We met some new dogs this weekend, so now I've got something to keep my mind occupied. It seemed to be a case of Goldilocks and the Three Dogs. One was too strong, one was too floppy, but this one, she seems just right.

I'm a bit gunshy about committing to a dog after what happened with Pip. I still miss Pip and wonder how she's doing. I wish she could be here hanging out with us, but alas, it didn't work and we're going to try to move on to doggie #2. The dog pictured here is Libbie, a 6-ish month old black lab/border collie mix. We love the idea of a lab/bc mix. In theory, she should be smart, loyal, and athletic (border collie) and also be outgoing and personable (lab). She seems to have all of those traits, although we only got to spend about twenty minutes with her. She was definitely not afraid of the kids, but also not interested in jumping on them and licking their faces (which they hate). She was very obedient and did everything that Scott asked her to (sit, down, come, heel, swing) without pause.

We met two other dogs who didn't seem to fit us as well. Regis is a 5-ish month old black lab mix who is too big and floppy for us. We're not into big and floppy - we appreciate compact athleticism and grace in a dog more than floppy clumsiness. And he was a little TOO happy to see the girls, which he expressed with licks all over their faces. The other dog, Pretty Girl, is a GORGEOUS one year old Aussie Shepherd mix who is very confident and very, very strong. Just petting her I could tell that she could overpower me if she wanted to, so letting Brynn walk her (which Brynn did with Pip) would not be an option. Pretty Girl is very obedient, but needs to know for sure who is in charge before she obeys, so she probably wouldn't have much respect for Brynn or Callie. Taking all of that into account, Libbie seemed like the right dog. So, we put our names in to reserve her and should hear back next week about when she'll be ready to come home. The trainers there weren't sure how long she'd been in the program (they work at the Cañon City facility but Libbie's being trained at a facility near Denver) but they thought she must have been in for about four weeks, based on how well-trained she is already.

I'll keep you posted on what happens next!

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Michael said...

As difficult as it was to give Pip back, it's definitely going to be best for both your family and the dog in the long run. I hope Libbie is the one for you and I can't wait to hear more about her!