Thursday, October 18, 2007

Callie Dances?

Scott and I laughed most of the way through Callie's ballet class today. We're only allowed to watch her class once every six weeks, and today was the day! She cracked us up because she was so reticent, so undisciplined, so unlike Scott and me! When the teacher told the girls to clap quietly, she'd clap as loudly as she could. When the teacher said to clap loudly, Callie would barely clap at all. And when they did their dance to the Veggie Tales song "Love Your Neighbor," she was clearly much more interested in breakdancing than in being a ballerina. I guess it just confirms what we've come to believe about Callie...she's got a mind of her own and she's not afraid to let it show! Brynn's class is on Saturday (I'll have to miss it to go pick up Libbie). I'm sure Scott will take some great video and we'll let you know how her class goes. I think she'll be more obedient than her crazy sister...but I guess that won't be much of a challenge!

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