Friday, October 26, 2007

Moms, baseball, and apple pie.

This topic has been simmering inside of me for a week now, and I'm finally worked up enough to write about it. So, brace yourselves. The original title was "Why didn't anybody tell me?" but I was afraid that might turn some of you off. So, I went with "Moms, baseball, and apple pie" instead because the subject about which I'm writing is as steeped in American tradition and American culture as moms, baseball, and apple pie. It's one of those American traditions that we pass down to our children with reverence. It's a tradition that most of us don't question. It's a tradition that, when questioned, causes many of us to roll our eyes and think that the person doing the questioning must be crazy or testing some boundaries that are too sacred for the rest of us to test.

"Oh, great," you think. "What's she on to now? Am I supposed to eat a free range, organic turkey for Thanksgiving? Sponsor fifteen Compassion kids? Change all of my incandescent lightbulbs to CFL's? Participate in some kind of Right to Life walk? What is it this time?" Yes, I realize that I have strong feelings about a lot of topics, but add this one to the list: vaccinations. I believe it's time for us, as Americans, to begin questioning the validity and truth of what we've been taught about vaccinations. As my chiropractor said when I asked him about this topic, "They'd have to put me in jail before they could vaccinate my kid."

This topic came up when I was sitting in my chiropractor's office reading a list of what is in a vaccine. Are you interested? Wouldn't you like to know what's been stuck directly into your bloodstream all these years? Here's a short list: mercury (at levels up to 30x the FDA daily allowance), ethyl glycol (anti-freeze), formaldehyde (used to preserve dead things - think high school fetal pig dissection), aluminum (toxic)...this is not a complete list. In addition to those toxins, infant vaccinations put babies at greater risk for (among many other things) SIDS and meningitis - both of which have hit my family hard (SIDS on Scott's side and meningitis on mine). So who, in their right mind, would stick all of these toxic substances into the pure, delicate, perfectly balanced, developing system of a one day old baby? A two month old baby? A four month old baby? Nobody, in their right mind, would choose to poison their baby. So why do we all do it? Sigh...I'm shaking my head. There are so many reasons.

The pharmaceutical industry has the second most powerful lobby in Washington. Do you think that might have something to do with it? Or is it because childhood diseases like measles and chicken pox are so horrific that we don't want our kids to experience them? Oh, wait, most of you reading this had measles or chicken pox or both, right? I had chicken pox. I'm pretty sure both my parents had measles and chicken pox. A week of being uncomfortable traded for a lifetime of natural immunity and no body-altering toxins. I'll take that over toxins and booster shots any time! If vaccines worked, we wouldn't need to get boosters. If vaccines worked, I wouldn't have gotten typhoid! Sure, typhoid was scary (mostly because I was in a developing country when I got it) but all it took was one course of Cipro (antibiotic) to help my body fight it off. The same is true for most of the bacterial infections that we're vaccinated against. As for the viruses, our body is equipped to fight most nasty viruses off and be healthier in the long run.

So, what most of you are probably thinking is something like this, "If it weren't for vaccinations, polio, measles, diptheria, all of these diseases that have disappeared would be wreaking havoc on our population." Not true. These diseases have nearly disappeared because they ran their course and ran out of steam. Our hygiene improved, our understanding of how to fight infection improved, and these diseases nearly disappeared on their own. The diseases started to decline about the same time as vaccines became mandated in America, yes. But, vaccines were not mandated in Europe like they were here, yet the diseases declined at the same rate in Europe as here. So, if we attribute the decline in disease here to our vaccines, what was the cause in Europe?

I could write much more. But, I'm sure you've gotten the point: challenge this tradition. Just because vaccines are as American as moms, baseball, and apple pie doesn't mean they're inherently good. If you're interested in learning more about this topic, check out the book, The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination i$ not immunization by Tim O'Shea. I haven't had a ton of experience with academia, but in my six years in college and a few years of teaching college classes, I've learned enough to know how to judge the reliability of a source. Tim O'Shea's book makes sense and he cites reliable sources (journals like JAMA and Science, organizations like the FDA, WHO and NIH, reliable newspapers like USA Today, and doctors like Anthony Morris, the former Head of Biological Standards for the US Dept of Health). I'm sure there are more books out there on this topic, I just haven't had a chance to read them yet.

If you'd like to read a very recent article that will surely erode your trust in the pharmaceutical industry, try this one on the new AIDS vaccine. Basically, it says that those who've received the new experimental AIDS vaccine (most of whom are either gay men in North and South America or heterosexual women in Africa) are actually at greater risk of HIV infection than those who received the placebo. As if those particular groups of people didn't already have enough problems to deal with. Thank you, Merck. Hmmm...this bears some resemblance to the Tuskegee Syphilis trials. Makes me sick.

Any comments of "Preach it, girl" are more than welcomed.


Anonymous said...

Preach it!! I'm honored to be quoted in your blog. You're a warrior. Speak the truth and don't water it down.

Dr. Kurt

Melissa said...

I'm a friend of Dr. Kurt's and am also so encouraged by your words and the influence you'll have on many other parents. Have you checked out Generation Rescue? Finally a study has been done comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children. This is just a start, but it's time parents educate themselves on the TRUE reality of vaccinations.

Melissa Luckey
Rochester, NY