Wednesday, November 28, 2007

America's Funniest Home Videos

If someone on the street above our house had a video camera aimed at their front lawn Monday morning around 8am, Scott and Libbie will surely be on America's Funniest Home Videos. Or, at least on YouTube. You see, on Monday morning there was a herd (yes, a herd) of deer in our back and front yards. Libbie noticed them while I was getting the girls ready for school. She was running from window to window staring at them. When it was time to go to school, Scott had the garage door opened already (it was garbage day and he was taking the garbage can out). I opened the door from the house into the garage and asked Libbie to sit. She sat very nicely. Then I asked Scott to open the hatchback of my car and I told Libbie "Okay!" assuming she would run for the hatchback and jump in. I forgot about the deer. Libbie did not.

So, off she went, chasing the deer (at least three very large males with very large racks, one big female, and one big male with only one scrawny, but very pointy, antler). She chased them from the front yard to the back yard and out into the open space. Scott and I both muttered a few (okay, many) choice words and then started calling her back to us, knowing full well that when a non-canine animal is around, Libbie spontaneously loses her hearing. So, we chased her, we called her, we chased her some more, through the cacti, past the pointy yuccas, up and down the hill. I ran back to the house to grab her leash (all the while condemning myself for not having her microchipped - this incident was inevitable and I knew it). At this point, the dog was VERY far away and it would be a backbreaking chore to lead her by her collar all the way back to the house IF we could even get her to come near us.

We ended up at the top of the hill above our house, near the end of the open space. I lost track of the dog and stood on one end of somebody's yard hoping that Scott could chase the dog (and the deer) back toward me so I could grab the dog. Apparently while I was standing there, blissfully ignorant of what Scott was going through, he was on the opposite end of that yard on the homeowner's front lawn. As he came up on the lawn, he saw Libbie and the big deer with one pointy antler chasing each other around in circles with Libbie barking the whole time (which is unusual since she very rarely barks). Scott says, "When I got up there it was like a cartoon: Libbie chasing the deer, the deer chasing Libbie, Libbie chasing the deer. When I got in between them everything stopped and I stepped back, not feeling comfortable standing so close to the deer with the deer staring at me. Then Libbie started chasing the deer again and it ended up being both of us chasing the deer. Then the deer broke loose and ran toward you."

At that point I tried to grab Libbie as she ran past, but she's way too fast and agile for me. The deer stopped running, turned to face Libbie and rammed her in the side with his one pointy antler. Unfazed, and apparently uninjured, Libbie went right back at the deer who conveniently ran down the hill to our backyard. The deer stopped in our yard and I was able to grab Libbie, put her on the leash, and drag her into the house where she spent the rest of the morning in solitary confinement in her crate (when you adopt a prison dog, you can call it solitary confinement). I gave her some water and returned to my car with the still-opened hatchback to take the girls to school. I sat down in the car and Brynn asked me what happened. "Oh, Daddy was chasing Libbie and Libbie was chasing a deer and the deer tried to poke Libbie with it's antler." Brynn's response? "Did you take some pictures? I'd like to see that." Yeah, so would I.

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