Friday, November 30, 2007

Our Christmas Letter - Part Scott

I don't usually include a Christmas letter in our Christmas cards, but I think this year I'll post an "update" on what's going on in our lives - the boring day-to-day stuff that you don't normally read about on the blog. Hmmm...I'm sure including the adjective "boring" makes you want to read on. Anyway, maybe there are details of our lives that you don't know, so here you go. This entry will be about Scott, with the rest of us to follow.

Scott loves living in Colorado. He's become quite the skier (and ski instructor to our kids) and has his sights set on climbing several more 14'ers. If he weren't so dedicated to our girls on the weekends, he'd probably have climbed all 54, but I think so far he's only gotten up three or four. He's run a few different races on Pike's Peak - one called the Ascent that follows the Barr Trail from the base of Pikes Peak all the way up to the summit (14,115 feet) which is an elevation gain of about 7750 feet over about a 13 mile course. He often tells me that he's going to do the marathon, which goes from the base to the summit and back, but I think he's nutty to even think of it. Living in Colorado has not helped his fascination with outdoor gear. His current plan is to partially retire as soon as our girls are out of the house and start working for REI. He knows more about most of the gear there than the people who are actually selling the stuff, so it would probably be a good fit. For now, though, he is managing a group on the Directv account at HP. Scott regularly gets glowing reviews from his managers and seems to be making the most of his education - both his BS and his MBA. Working for HP has its ups and downs, but we both love that his office is only about a three minute drive from our house, allowing him to come home for lunch and finish his day early - he's usually home before five o'clock.

Getting home early is a huge bonus for us all. It allows him to run the dog (occasionally), keep the girls occupied while I'm making dinner, or relax with a beer and to see how many of his Bengals are in jail that day. Yes, he's still a serious Bengals fan. One would think, now that he's living in Bronco territory, he might consider switching to a team who's won two Super Bowls instead of just participating in two Super Bowls. I guess he's actually thought about it but apparently enjoys disappointment and frustration far too much to leave the Bengals' fan corps. I have to give him credit, though, for his loyalty. He probably knows more about the Bengals than anyone outside of the organization itself and maybe Paul Daugherty, and hopes for them and invests emotionally in them despite how bad they seem to be (historically speaking).

Loyalty is one of the traits that permeates who Scott is as a person. He's loyal, he's responsible, he's self-sacrificing. Scott is the kind of man who never goes back on his word and who always honors his commitments. Being married to such a man gives me an amazing feeling of security and watching him raise our girls is a blessing. He recently read a book called Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker - it is just one of a few father/daughter books that he's read since our girls were born. I think that this particular book gave him new insight into how to raise our girls to be pillars of strength in a world filled with weakness. He knows how important it is to daughters to have a strong and present father who makes it clear that he loves, respects, and cherishes them. I regularly thank God that my girls have a father who is such a positive influence on their lives. I sometimes hear other women complain about their husbands - either they're not home enough or when they are they aren't much help and don't contribute to raising the kids. Some husbands don't give their wives credit for being experts in areas that the men don't know much about. Some husbands don't listen to their wives. I can't say any of that about Scott. Okay, sometimes he doesn't listen as well as he could, but who doesn't tune out their spouse every once in a while?

Scott is a great husband, a great dad, a hard worker and, to top it all off, he's cute, too! He takes great care of his body and he's even still got some hair left on his head. What more could a woman want?

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Michael said...

i take offense to the Bengals bashing as i'm sure Scott does too. for that I am boycotting your blog for 3 days, i'm certain you'll feel the bandwidth hit.

ps - other than the Bengals bash, great post, Scott's awesome.