Saturday, November 17, 2007

Vegas, baby!

As I am getting dangerously close to my big 30th birthday, Scott took me for a sweet surprise vacation. Okay, so it wasn't a total surprise. It would be tough to be a responsible college instructor and go on a surprise trip - what would my students think if I just didn't show up for class one day? So, he told me back in August while I was putting together my syllabus for the semester that I'd be gone the week of November 13th and to plan accordingly. Then he told me we'd be going to Paris, but I knew we weren't really going to Paris.

You see, we just got a new kitchen, new siding on the front of our house, repainted the house, and I got a new (used) car. Clearly, there's not enough money in the old checking account to go to Paris. But, somehow he scrounged up enough cash to take me to Paris Las Vegas!

Last Saturday Scott and the girls surprised me with the arrival of Scott's mom, Laureen. Whew! I breathed quite a sigh of relief when I saw him driving into the garage with her in the passenger seat. Then I knew the kids would not be coming along on our long-awaited "trip to Paris" and better yet that they would be safe, happy, and well cared for in our absence. On Tuesday morning we woke up early, hopped in the car, and headed for the Denver airport. Once we were on the freeway, Scott let me open my birthday gift (which was nicely packaged and sitting on the front seat of the car). It was a jewelry box containing a poker chip with the Las Vegas logo that looks something like this...

We spent most of the trip to the airport connecting the dots between what I had been suspecting and what was actually happening. He told me where we were staying (Paris), where we'd be eating (and where he'd double booked reservations in order to let me choose where to eat), and everything else except which show we'd be seeing because he wanted to keep that a surprise. It was fun and romantic - unbelievably better than a typical Tuesday morning in our house!

Paris Las Vegas is a gorgeous hotel, inside and out, and is in a spectacular location. The location is the main reason that Scott chose it, I think. It's right in the middle of the Strip and across the street from the Bellagio fountains, Scott's favorite attraction in Las Vegas. Here's a photo of the Bellagio fountains. They are really gorgeous at night while they dance, choreographed to music. We took one short video of them dancing and the girls have already watched it over and over again.

Paris' location provides an easy walk (for us - maybe not for everyone) down to the MGM and New York, New York or up to the Wynn, which is where we saw the show Le Reve. Le Reve was awesome (in the true sense of the word), jaw-dropping, and amazing. That there exist humans with the creativity to conjure such a show or humans with the talent to perform it speaks to me of the enormity and grandeur of the one who created us. Yes, the show was that good. And the show was almost totally in and under water - by far my favorite medium for just about everything.

Unfortunately, I caught a little stomach bug at some point in the middle of the trip (and, no, as my friend Laura asked, the bug's name was not "Tequila") which made it a bit more difficult to enjoy every moment of the trip. First I plugged up the sink in our bathroom when I couldn't make it to the toilet while getting sick at 3am, and then the next night I got sick in the lobby of the Wynn on the way into Le Reve and had to throw up in a garbage can in the lobby of Las Vegas' only five star hotel. But, all puking aside, every healthy moment of the trip was a stellar one.

Having said all of that, I can't say that I'm looking forward to returning to Vegas any time soon - it is a fun and crazy place like no other and there were things about it I loved (especially the FOOD), but many I could live without. Walking down the Strip is at times a sad reminder of how perverse man's (or maybe men's?) minds are or have become. I don't think I'll ever really get over the objectification and abuse of women that happens so nonchalantly in a place like Vegas. Also, the buildings are unbelievable and grand, but I definitely prefer nature's spectacles to man's.

I can say that spending four days without kids or stress, four days to spend with my sweet husband, is something that I look forward to doing again. And, really, it doesn't matter where you are when you get to spend time like that with someone who is important to you, but being in Vegas did make it fun!

Click on the album below for a few more photos of our trip:
Paris Las Vegas

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Michael said...

Sounds awesome! I have to give big props to Scott for the surprise. I like being the giver of surprises so in the not-so-near future I'll have to take a page out of Scott's book... with exception to puking and potential debauchery