Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Our Christmas Letter - Part Hillary

This entry was written by guest author, Scott.

This is my first blog entry. I’m going to write an update about Hillary, and I’m excited because now I’ve got a little ownership on this blog page also. Even if I really like this, I doubt if I’ll ever has as many entries as she does. That’s one of the things I love about her. She always has a thirst for knowledge, tries to learn as much as she can about a particular subject, and if she forms a strong opinion, shares it with others. For example, we recently got a dog, Libbie. Prior to getting the dog she read about 10 books, made me read 3 or 4, and know she knows more about dogs than almost anyone else I know. Libbie still has the occasional dog potty issue to work through, but overall I think Hillary really knows what she is doing. Libbie has been a welcome addition to our family and Hillary’s life. She is a great companion for Hillary and one of the rare family members that listens well (assuming no bunnies or deer are around).

Two people who don’t always listen to what they are told are Brynn (5) and Callie (2). They are sometimes a challenge to raise, but I’m amazed at the relationship they’ve formed with their mother. Brynn and Callie talk to Hillary about nutrition, eggs becoming babies, and different cultures around the world. I think these are odd topics for kids that are 2 and 5 years old, but couldn’t be happier because their openness and honesty with their mother are making them caring, well-rounded girls. I’m also thankful for Hillary’s contribution in making the girls feel secure and loved.

Hillary is also a great wife. Since pregnancy, she’s been able to hear any sound within 200 yds (no matter how quiet) to keep us alert and safe (or eavesdrop on people around us). On top of that she sews, does laundry, and occasionally cleans. She’s also a wonderful Home Economist…a fancy way of saying she manages the day-to-day finances, keeps us out of debt, and makes sure we get the best deals on our purchases. I also enjoy how Hillary has turned into a Jacques Pepin-like cook and regularly makes 4-5 great dinners a week.

While not at home being a mom and wife, Hillary teaches a couple of communication classes at UCCS (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs). The hope is to teach a couple classes each semester now while the girls are small, and then teach on a more full-time basis once Callie reaches kindergarten. I fully support her teaching and think it is great because it gives her another opportunity to exercise her brain. She needs to be challenged intellectually, and since she spends most of her time around the girls, the dog, 2 cats, and me, UCCS is a really good thing for her.

Hillary is fun to be around, a great wife, mom, teacher, and keeps the family functioning smoothly.

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