Thursday, January 17, 2008

Daddy losed a ski!

On Tuesday, Scott took a day off of work and Brynn happily took a day off of school to head up to Copper for a day of skiing. There haven't been many clear days in the Rockies lately, so we took advantage of what looked like it would be great weather. We were not disappointed. The sky was that trademark Colorado blue that's so blue it's almost purple. The sun was warm, the snow was abundant, the kids didn't have a single meltdown, and (as you'll see in the movies below) there was almost nobody else on the slopes. This was our second day of skiing this season, but the conditions this week kept us out on the slopes much longer than the first day of the season (although it wasn't nearly as fun since we weren't accompanied by Jamie and Jon Baker this time...).

Brynn and Callie are both making leaps of progress toward becoming black diamond skiers. Brynn is now making turns, slowing, and stopping with ease. Callie is able to ski on tether but without tension in the leashes. On the movie below this appears to be no big deal. But, trust me, it is. At two years and ten months old, she is by far the youngest skier out there. I can't tell you how many strangers commented on how little and cute she is and were amazed that she could ski at all. Because of this, I think, Callie believes she is a great skier (and she is excellent for a two year old) but when I have to tell her five times to go around the person in front of her, it is a bit disconcerting for me and makes me want to keep her on tether for a few more seasons. Still (and I hate to say this) she has definitely progressed beyond where Brynn was at this age. Part of that is probably due to the sweet tether setup she's got. It makes skiing easier and more fun for us all. Skiing the same two runs over and over again with the girls is pretty boring for Scott and me, but we both know that the investment will be well worth it in a few years when we're able to explore the whole mountain as a family. Here's looking forward to that!

Below are a couple of movies for you. The first one was taken by Scott while on the lift (he lost a ski while getting on the lift, hence Brynn yelling, "Daddy losed his ski!" He's really not a novice skier, just got distracted by Brynn while loading the chairlift). The movie shows Callie skiing down the mountain with me guiding her from behind with her leashes. I had to snowplow behind her pretty much all day. Not very exciting. The second movie was taken by Scott while he was trailing Brynn down the hill.

We love skiing with pals, so if you've got time to come for a visit this winter, we'll meet you in the mountains and ski a day with you! You'll be impressed by the girls.


Michael said...

great videos, they are pros! I think brynn is gonna give us a run for our money, that looked steep... although i was beginning to think the second video was going to end in someone flipping head over heels in snow...

Susi said...

Very cute!! Amazing, them skiing - such fun! I was actually looking for a blog you mentioned chickens? Anyway, found this and thought of that:
Fresh eggs and you'd know where they came from - yumm! :) Happy Fall and hopefully good ski-season!