Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I can say my r's.

We're out running after-school errands today when Brynn's little voice pops up in the back seat.

"Mom, I can say my r's."

"What? You can? Say 'car'."


"Wow. Oh my gosh. You really can say your r's. How did you learn that?"

"I had a dream last night that I could say my r's and when I woke up I could do it."

"Seriously? Say Brynn."


"Say Red Ridinghood."

"Rrred Rrridinghood. You have to puff your lips out to say r's."

"Yes, you do. Wow...I can't believe that yesterday you couldn't say r's and today you can. That's grrrreat!"


Laureen said...

Wow! We are so proud of you! Grandpa wants to know if you can say shoulder. Remember you told him you want to grow your hair down to your shoulders? Love you! Grandma

Elise said...

What a cutie! A great snapshot.

Next step, rolling the rrrrs. Aye, carrrrrramba!