Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm not alone!

My friend Carrie, who is living in London, left a comment on the previous post about chickens in the UK. Apparently Jamie Oliver is airing a series of shows this week aimed at educating the public about the horrors of industrialized chicken and egg farming. Here's a link to his site so you can read more about why he's trying to change the industry and ways you can help. Thanks, Carrie!


Liz Fulton said...

I must say that you've given us all a lot to think about. I do find it interesting that while the UK is making progress in getting happy food to it's consumers, the FDA has now said that meat and milk from cloned animals is safe to consume. Now that is the opposite side of the spectrum! Check out the article:

carrie said...

i also suggest you read this article:

in this special hugh fearnley-whittingstall conducted an experiment where he raised a few thousand chickens but raised half intensively and the other free range. it was truly eye-opening. he even set up a small neighborhood with their own 10-15 chickens to raise before sending them off to be turned into meat. fascinating!

Hillary Dickman said...

Thanks for both those links! I like how the cnn article includes quotes comparing the FDA's approval of cloned food to their approval of Vioxx. Yeah...makes me really want to trust the FDA.