Thursday, January 17, 2008

There was a link to us on the WSJ!

While I realize that this is very rookie of me, I have to share this joy and excitement with you. At the bottom of the Wall Street Journal's electronic article about kids and cold medicine, there was a link to my blog. It was under the heading "blog posts about this topic." I'm not sure how long it was up there or how it even got there in the first place (although I'm sure it was through an automated process since my post has a link to - not good business for Here is a screenshot of the bottom part of the on the screenshot and it will open up a new page so that it's big enough to see the link. Absolutely insane. While it was up there, I tried it and it actually went straight from the WSJ to our blog.


Michael said...

haha! that's awesome! but i went to the article and your link is gone :(

Hillary Dickman said...

Bummer. I'll edit the post to reflect that! The WSJ must have come to their senses over night.