Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Typical Conversation with Callie

I just had what seems to be a typical conversation with Callie. She was upstairs going to the bathroom and I was downstairs making oatmeal, so we were both yelling. It surprises me that I'm not hoarse after multiple conversations like this every day.

Callie: Did Daddy leave for work yet?

Mom: No, it's Saturday. He's outside with the...

Callie: Is he still sleeping?

Mom: No, he's outside with the...

Callie: Is he in the shower?

Mom: No, Callie, he's outside with the dog.

Callie: Oh, with Libbie?

Mom: Yes, with Libbie.

Yesterday while we were at Marshall's getting some new school shoes for Brynn, I came across a pair of orange running shoes in a 10 1/2, just one size bigger than Callie's feet. Since orange is her favorite color (and the shoes were super cute - kind of the bike shoe shape but with laces) I grabbed them. She wore them around the house all day yesterday even though they're still a little big. She's a funny kid...I bet you don't know very many two year old girls who love orange!

The photo below is of Callie with an orange VW Beetle we saw outside of One Hot Mama's BBQ in Hilton Head. It seemed like an appropriate car for a girl like Callie.


Michael said...

tell Callie, my favorite color is orange too so she's totally awesome!

Mary said...

Stumbled on to your post when I googled for how to turn my blog into a book. Love, love, love your family blog. Thanks for the head's up about the Omnivore's Dilema - I'll be reading it soon.

Mary (homeschooling mom in Alaska)