Sunday, February 17, 2008

Are you convinced yet?

How many more articles like this do we need before people stop buying shrink-wrapped meat from supermarkets/Costco/Sam's Club? I mean, really people. It took me a month of research to find safe, happy, healthy meat for my family and me to eat - a small sacrifice for the peace of mind afforded us each night at dinner. I hope that articles like this have convinced you to look into where you can get good meat, too. For your health, for the environment, and for animals who deserve to be treated...well, like animals. After all, WE are the ones whose demand is causing them to wallow in their own filth. We deserve better. They deserve better. The "bargain" price at your local supermarket chain is NOT worth it. How about this...cut out two trips to your local chain restaurant each month to make up the difference in price between the "bargain" cow you'd get at Kroger/Safeway/King Soopers/Albertsons/Tom Thumb/Piggly Wiggly/Harris Teeter/Fresh Market/Food Lion/Bigg's/Costco/Sam's etc. and the happy, decent quality cow you could get from your local farmer/rancher.

And, by the way, my kids WON'T be eating the lunches that their schools serve until the schools figure out a way to make lunches out of local, clean, sustainably-produced food. And you can bet I'll be lobbying my kids' schools for good food options. It's too bad...I used to look forward to the time I could pay $2.05 per day for the convenience of school lunches instead of making lunch at 11 o'clock every night like I do these days. The way I see it, though, that $2.05 lunch isn't worth it.

Can you tell I'm fired up? I could write SO much more...just read the article below. I'm too angry to keep writing.

USDA recalls 143 million pounds of frozen beef

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