Thursday, February 14, 2008

Generation Rescue ad

There are not many things that irk me more than know-it-all pediatricians who don't take parents' (especially moms') gut instincts seriously. It seems like that is one of many problems with American vaccines, as mentioned in the ad above. The AAP and CDC don't want to listen to the gut instincts of parents who have seen an obvious change in their kids' behavior following one of the 36 vaccines that are recommended for American kids.

Anyone who has studied even a tiny bit of research methods in college should be able to tell you that correlation and causation are not synonymous. I realize that the ad above relies heavily on correlation and the implied causation. But, I think that's just the way they catch your eye. Read the facts on Generation Rescue's website and you might find it hard to deny the problems that vaccinations cause - these problems do not just correlate with our increased use of vaccines. Click on the copy of the ad above to see it enlarged so that you can read the text.

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