Monday, February 25, 2008

The good news

I realize I've been posting more bad news than good concerning my search for happy food. So, here's the good news. If you want to eat happy, healthy food, you can eat at....drum roll, please...Chipotle.

They introduced their happy pork (okay, they call it something else, I call it "happy") several years ago, not long after Scott and I started eating at one of their Cincinnati establishments. Much of their chicken and beef is also happy. In fact, I had quite an email conversation today with one of their employees - we wrote back and forth about four times regarding their chicken and beef. Without getting into specifics, I probably won't start eating their chicken or beef any time soon (because I sort of committed myself to their pork years ago and I'm not willing to try anything different) but I'm comfortable saying that Chipotle is making an enthusiastic, good faith effort to make the bulk of their chicken and beef natural and humanely raised and slaughtered. It's not yet all happy meat, but they really are committed to improving the quality of their meat. It just takes a long time for supply to catch up with demand.

Plus...who wouldn't want to eat at the restaurant that sponsors the Argyle Armada? We just finished watching the Tour of California last night and were really impressed by the Slipstream/Chipotle team. Cool guys, hardcore doping restrictions, and best of all, super stylish argyle uni's. Ooh la la. Can't wait for Le Tour. Only four more months.

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