Thursday, February 28, 2008

Moving slideshow

I came across this slideshow today linked to a Denver photographer's blog...yes, I read lots of photographers' blogs. Here's a link to the original post, which explains what the slideshow is all about. The whole thing made my eyes water. It's not often that we see people who are on the bottom rung of our society portrayed with such respect. The photographers who put the slideshow together charge several hundred dollars to shoot people who can afford to pay for a portrait session with them, and several thousand for weddings, yet they were here in Denver doing this shoot for free. Hooray for a spirit of charity.

Also, on a different subject, I received an encouraging non-form-letter reply from Senator Salazar today in response to my letter regarding the shameful state of American agriculture. He assured me that he agrees with me on the issues I described, and that he will keep my "thoughts in mind as my colleagues and I address issues pertinent to agriculture in the U.S. Senate." It's nice to (for the first time) receive a reply that is not a form letter. The form letter reply I received from our other senator addressed animal welfare, which was really not the point of my letter (although I did mention it as part of our agricultural problem). Apparently one of his not-so-thorough aides miscategorized my letter.

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