Friday, February 08, 2008

Mt. Cutler

A few weeks ago, while Scott's brother, Brian, was here, we went out for our favorite Colorado Springs hike. We've never hiked Mt. Cutler with this much snow on the ground, so it was a bit interesting. The top was pretty icy, along the part of the trail where it looks out across a huge gap over to Seven Falls. On the way down it was really windy, too. I actually thought I might get blown off the trail while trying to steady myself on the ice with hair in my eyes and Libbie urging me to go faster. While up on top of the mountain, I heard Scott say something supremely insensitive, yet humorous enough to repeat here. Before we started hiking down, he wanted to get a photo of himself and his brother. His justification for the photo? "Let's see if we can make mom cry." Wow. I used to think he was so sensitive...

Here's that photo and one of our little family. Notice Libbie worshiping her master in the family photo. She refused to turn toward the camera. I told her to sit, and so she sat...staring at me while waiting for her next command.

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Mom said...

BooHoo! My little boys!! (ha ha)