Monday, February 11, 2008

No more catalogs!!

I don't know about you, but I used to get TONS of unwanted catalogs. What used to make this even more frustrating than just having a stack of junk mail sitting around is that I have a very small mailbox. And it's across the street from the end of our long driveway. And every time I go to check the mail, both kids, the dog, and usually both cats end up following me out there. Not the most efficient way to check the mail. So, I don't check it often. But, with all the catalogs and other junk it fills up quickly. In fact, our mailman has asked me more than once to "please check your mail every day." Yeah, yeah. Maybe if there weren't so much garbage in there it wouldn't be such a big deal.

So, last summer I went on a junk mail purge. I was very disciplined about it. I checked the mail every day and as soon as I got it inside I would call the senders of every piece of unwanted mail. I asked to be taken off of their mailing list and I asked them not to rent, sell, or share my address with any other companies. I even got a hold of a few of the direct marketing companies to get our name off of multiple lists at once. It was a LOT of work, but it paid off. And then...this.

Today I got an email from our school district with a link to Catalog Choice, an organization that helps you get rid of excess catalogs. What a great idea!! I know there are other organizations out there like this, but I like this one because it is FREE. And you can keep one account with a list of the catalogs you've unsubscribed from, and continue adding to your "unsubscribe" list as new catalogs show up. So...for the health of your mail carrier's back, for the health of our forests, for your own sanity, I urge you to try this service out and see how many catalogs you can get rid of. After all, if you know how to use Google, there's really no need for catalogs. Good luck!


Michael said...

I'm on the exact same page with that, except our problem got to be credit card offers. I was literally tearing up at least 2 or 3 per day, sometimes without even taking the offers out of the envelope. Then I found this site and they have all but disappeared. I got one today for the first time in a week, but they are few and far between:

Hillary Dickman said...

Ooh...excellent. I'll have to register there. Actually, I'll have to register the girls there. Scott and I don't get many credit card offers, but Brynn and Callie get a few every month. It must be due to their outstanding credit!

Hillary Dickman said...

Okay...I just went to opt the girls out, and remembered why they aren't already opted out. Kids have to be opted out by mail. I don't really do real mail. I remember trying this last spring. Sigh...I guess I'll have to print it out and use an envelope and stamp.