Saturday, February 09, 2008

Redecorated guestroom

Inspired by this bargain houndstooth fabric I found online while shopping for upholstery fabric for Callie's room, we repainted and redecorated the guest room. It follows the same very loose "theme," keeping with the mountain lodge inspiration we were trying to work from originally. Maybe now it's closer to a contemporary Canadian/Southwestern/English hunting lodge (seriously - we mixed moose, southwestern furniture, and houndstooth fabric). Anyway, with the view of Pike's Peak out the guest room window, some lodgey feeling seems reasonable in that room. The new coverlet on the bed is made from denim fabric that used to be enormous curtains in our bedroom when we lived in the townhouse in Mason. The pillow shams and moose pillow are all new, coming from Target's Woolrich collection.

The houndstooth fabric that I so dearly love turned into two new roman shades (made by yours truly with the help of an innovative Denver small business called Terrell Designs). The shades include heavy duty pullies and cord locks, as well as internal battens to help the shades keep their shape. I have really never followed directions as closely as I did when making these shades, and it definitely paid off. I'm extremely pleased with how the shades turned out. I also reupholstered the top of my mom's old Lane cedar chest with the houndstooth fabric, and I still have enough fabric left over for pillows or something.

I have to admit, I was a bit uncertain about putting the houndstooth with the denim coverlet, but I figured that I would be more than willing to wear a cute houndstooth jacket with dark denim jeans, so why not put the two together in the room? I think it worked out well, although I'm not exactly a good judge of fashion. The coverlet is large enough for the anticipated queen sized bed that will at some point grace our guest bedroom. But, guests, don't hold your breath. It won't happen in 2008.

What I love most about the new guest room is how often we have guests staying in it! We probably average two days of guests per month, and we really enjoy those visits. So, friends, keep coming! At some point there will even be art on the walls of your keep you entertained when the girls are busy. Click on the photo below for more pictures.
Redecorated guest room

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Michael said...

A view of pike's peak? we can't wait!!