Friday, February 29, 2008

That cat...!

"That cat!" is a phrase I've been muttering with increasing frequency over the past few weeks...or maybe it's been months. Maybe it's the chilly weather, maybe it's because he's not feeling well, who knows? Nacho's been driving us batty. Here are a few examples of his annoying behavior.

First of all...he's a very picky eater. He is supposed to be on a prescription diet because of his kidney problems. You know how I feel about pharmaceuticals, though, and those feelings extend to my animals. So, when he started rejecting his very expensive prescription canned food diet, I said, "Fine! That's it! I'll make your freakin' food!" Many dollars in fresh (and extremely rare) sardines later, he won't eat the food I cook for him. Have you any idea how embarrassing it is to walk up to the fish counter at Whole Foods and have the fishmonger said, "What do you need for your cat today?" Ha ha. No, the salmon is for me, thank you very much. In my search for wet food that Nacho will reliably eat (must be wet because kidneys require water to stay healthy), I think I've finally found a food he'll eat. He seems to be enthusiastic about Spot's Chicken Stew for cats, made by Halo pets. It's not cheap, but probably not more expensive than the prescription diet he was on before. And with NO chemicals added to it, it is probably actually healthier for him, too. Of course, in a week or two he'll likely start turning his nose up at it.

In seeking to keep Nacho's kidney (he only has one good kidney) healthy, I let him jump up into the sink to drink water out of it. We have a "fresh flow" filtered water fountain for him on the floor, but now that Libbie's around I don't think he likes it. I'm sure it smells like dog. And he won't drink out of a regular bowl. He prefers the sink. Not only is this annoying because of the abundance of cat hair that ends up on my counter, but he also drags up the dust from our backyard and deposits it all over the counters and in my sink. I'm not exaggerating here - I wipe our countertops down with Method Grapefruit All Purpose Cleaner at least five times a day. Probably more on most days. And those dang pawprints in my sink...grr. Our sink is a granite composite sink -- white. It has sort of a coarse finish to it, so you can't just spray out the pawprints with water. You have to scrub them out. It doesn't take a lot of elbow grease, but it is annoying none the less. So far we've talked about two Nacho annoyances: food and kitchen messes.

Here's the third, and it bugs Scott more than it bugs me. Nacho LOVES attention from his daddy. So, when Scott is in the basement working from home, Nacho inevitably ends up standing between or laying across Scott's arms while he's typing on his computer. Any of you who know cats know that they don't just plop down where they plan to lay. They wander around in circles for a few minutes to find the perfect spot first. So, Scott's downstairs on a call for work and Nacho's pacing under Scott's nose, his tail fur ending up in his nose, and Scott trying to wipe it off and sneeze it out while in the middle of a conference call. Nacho was bugging him so much on Wednesday that Scott actually carried him upstairs and tried to toss him outside, and Nacho wouldn't go. That's ironic because we normally have a tough time keeping him in the house (ask our neighbors..."tough" is an understatement). He usually loves to be outside, but apparently if it's between wandering the neighborhood and snuggling with his dad, he'll choose the latter.

So, what keeps us from throwing Nacho across the room when he's bugging us? I did that at least once when he was a kitten. I'll never forget trying to make window treatments for our new condo and having him rolling around in and pouncing on the fabric as I was trying to cut it. That led to him being lifted up on my foot and kicked (literally) across the room. And then he came back for more. It all changed when he got sick. He had kidney surgery three and a half years ago and since then we start each of our encounters with Nacho knowing that his kidney might not last him another week. We want to make the most of every second we have with him (I realize that sounds melodramatic when speaking about a cat). So, while I may mutter under my breath, "that cat..." as I clean up the counters for the fifth time in a day, I continue to let him have the run of our house. After all, he is (as the girls call him ) "brother Nacho" and (as Scott and I call him) "our first born and only son!"

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Laureen said...

That is a great picture!! Nacho just wants to be loved.