Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trip to the zoo

The weather today was beautiful -- mid fifties or so and very sunny. Since we have a zoo membership, short trips to the zoo are no big deal. Meaning, it's not a waste of money when two exhibits into the trip the kids (or parents) get worn out and we decide to go home. That was not the case today, though. Everyone had plenty of energy to get from feeding the giraffes (the first, and always most fun, stop) to the merry-go-round to petting the goats to checking out the primates. Our zoo is on the side of Cheyenne Mountain and can, therefore, make for a bit of a tiring day, walking up and down the mountain to see the different exhibits.

I'm not really a fan of most zoos -- I think they're like animal jail. I like natural history museums better, since the animals are being kept in about the same size enclosure as a zoo but they're dead and stuffed. If they died of natural causes, it seems more humane to me. I really like the way the MGM Grand in Las Vegas deals with animals. I think they have several big cats of different species that they keep on a large ranch outside of the city and rotate them through the exhibit at the hotel every few days or weeks. But, we don't have the luxury of that kind of setup here, so the zoo will have to remain our only option for animal viewing. The kids really enjoy the zoo and it definitely wears us all out. The photo below is a link to a few pictures of our adventure this morning.

Trip to the zoo


3boys247 said...

Hi Hillary,

I am glad you guys enjoyed a beautiful day too. We tried to climb Blodgett. Maybe next time we will make it.

Nancy said...

I found your blog through Ana-White.. I love your work. I live in Denver, love to build and hike. I did Mt Yale last summer and it kicked (!!) my butt but was so well worth it.

Hillary said...

Thanks, Nancy! I'm glad you found us.

Mt. Yale kicked my rear end. I'll never forget it!