Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why I walked home from church.

Well, not all the way home from church. You see, it's about a twelve or fifteen minute drive from our church to our house, depending on how you hit the traffic lights. Tonight the traffic lights were in our favor, yet the drive seemed like an eternity. The girls were in the back messing around and it was one of those drives where every time Scott and I would attempt to begin a significant conversation, the volume level on the girls' voices would skyrocket, drowning out the two of us in the front seat. After repeated attempts to quiet them down, I gave up. I had a headache, my back was hurting (which is extremely unusual for me) and I'd had enough. So, despite the recent snow, the darkness, and the cold temperature outside, when we got to the red light at the intersection of Rockrimmon and Delmonico, I jumped out of the car. "I'm walking home!" I yelled to Scott as I hopped out of the car.

It's probably about a mile from that intersection back to our house. It's actually a nice walk - one that I do frequently with the girls in the summer to get a doughnut or a bagel in the morning. But I don't usually do it in the dark. Or in the snow. Or wearing only a light sweater with no hat or gloves. And as I walked, I thought to myself, "What kind of mother would choose a cold, dark, uphill walk in the snow over thirty seconds in the car with her mildly annoying children? What kind of monster am I?" Okay, so sometimes I'm melodramatic in these conversations I have in my head. I didn't really think I was a monster; I just wanted to feel sorry for myself. And I was hoping the girls were shocked and worried.

The cold air and brisk walk felt good. When I returned home to see Libbie looking longingly out the window in the front door, as if to say, "When's mama comin' home? When's mama comin' home?" I felt comforted and calm, ready to resume my life as a mom. I did have to beg apologies out of both girls, but at least they knew why they were apologizing...a rare treat for me.

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3boys247 said...

I understand WHY you left the car, my question is why didn't you walk to my house?
A. It would have been DOWN the hill.
B. YOUR children wouldn't be there.