Saturday, March 29, 2008

15 Minutes

If everyone in America gave fifteen minutes to read this article, maybe we could make some changes. If our politicians would read it we could guarantee some changes. Together we could rise up against the merciless, bloodsucking industries that control our agricultural policies and we could force them to change. We could begin to change our own buying habits and put the giant corporate scumsuckers out of business. Yes, I'm pissed. I went away on vacation and read a thousand-page book that had nothing to do with food and now I'm back. And, dare I say, better than ever.

Without further ado, here's that article, from this month's issue of Gourmet Magazine.


Michael said...

pillars of the earth?

Hillary Dickman said...

Yes. And I finished it in five days...after reading Eat, Pray, Love (Thanks, Stacy!).

Truthfully, I did think about food while reading Pillars. Most of the people in the book eat horsebread, which sounds like what we know as ezekial bread (find it in the freezer aisle), but I was trying to find out the exact ingredients as I read the book. Royalty and other rich people got to eat white bread from super-refined flour. Probably like Wonder Bread. One of the characters in the book said it wasn't as filling and didn't keep them satisfied as long as horsebread. Hmmm...