Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bouncy Callie

Tonight the girls had their first session of swim lessons taught at one of the city pools. Brynn's doing really well. She's actually tested out of the Red Cross level 3 class, but there's no level 4 class offered at a convenient time. So, in this level 3 class she can do everything her teacher asks, including kicking 15 feet on her tummy and on her back and jumping off of one side of the pool and swimming freestyle to the other, touching the bottom with her feet a few times along the way.

Callie is, of course, the one doing the unexpected. She's hilarious to watch. Most of the kids in the pool glide while they're walking from one part of the pool to another. Not Callie. She bounces. She hops from place to place and her little head looks like a piston bobbing up and down inside of an engine. She can do many more skills than she shows her teacher. In our hot tub she jumps off the seats into the middle of the tub and ends up totally submersed, but at class she refused (with a big smile) to even put her face in. I'm sure that will change with time. Most importantly, both the girls LOVED their classes and had lots of opportunities to practice their swimming skills during class and almost no time spent hanging on the wall waiting for other kids to practice. That seems to be unusual (from what I've seen of kids' swim lessons), so we're enthusiastic about the rest of this swim session.

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