Sunday, March 16, 2008

Heeeere, kitty kitty

Tonight around 7pm we got a call from our next door neighbor informing us that there was a bobcat walking through our backyard. We grabbed the camera and ran to the back door and, sure enough, there he was. He was walking definition of a cool cat; very casual and acting like he'd been here many times before. We've seen him or one of his pals once before -- his gorgeous eyes were peering into our family room from our deck last time we saw him. We've also seen huge claw marks from him or another big cat climbing the aspen outside our front door to go after the birds in the birdhouse that hangs there. Last time we saw him, Nacho had escaped outside shortly before we saw the big cat. This time, thankfully, Nacho was safely curled up, snug in his leopard-print bed, snoring in the basement. We know quite a few people whose kitties have been eaten by one kind of cat or another, not to mention the coyotes and foxes. This is not a safe neighborhood for kitties, but Nacho will drive you insane if you make him stay inside. Shortly after you go crazy, he'll sneak past your feet when you open the door unsuspectingly.

After leaving our yard, the cat sauntered into another neighbor's yard, walked up to her back sliding glass door and sniffed it, and then continued on his walk around the neighborhood. In a feeble attempt to scare him off, Scott took some pots and pans outside and banged them together. I watched the cat as the clanging commenced; he didn't even seem to notice. Excellent.

The photos I snapped of the big cat really stink. Sorry I didn't get a better shot. It was nearly dark out and I was obviously too excited to stand still. Never the less, here they are...I actually really like the third one despite (or maybe because of) its blurriness.

Stopping to sniff the tree.

Arching his back, raising his tail, and perhaps leaving behind a little scent? This shot is actually reminiscent of Anna and the way she looks when she rubs up against a doorway.


Laureen said...

WoW! Looks like a huge Nacho. Very pretty animal. Glad the kids and kitties were inside safe and sound.

3boys247 said...

Who knew we are living in a wilderness preserve? Crazy!

Court said...

So cool. So scary! I am liking the city more and more! (But can't wait to visit!) :)