Monday, March 17, 2008

New doctor

Callie had her three year physical today with a new doctor. The new doc was recommended by our chiropractor when we asked for someone who has an open mind regarding vaccines. This doc does give some vaccines, but it sounds like he doesn't give many. And, when I asked him if he had any recommendations for us before our trip to Mexico, he replied, "Take some probiotics with you so you've got more good bugs in your system than bad bugs." What a reasonable reply. He could have said, "Take along some Cipro so you can kill off any bacteria as soon as you start feeling sick." How much smarter to prevent getting sick instead of relying on antibiotics to clean up the mess later?

Yeah, he's our kind of doc.


3boys247 said...

Are you going to Mexico over Spring Break or this summer?

Amber said...

I came across your blog while searching for places in the springs to get grass-fed beef. Our family is strikingly similar to yours in our values and beleifs. We even have two daughters :) nearly the same age as yours. I'm really enjoying reading your blog for it's wit and humor. In this case, "selective exposure" (to your blog) is quite therapudic since we often feel like oddballs around most other families. So nice to know there are others here in the springs making some of the same tough choices.
We're searching for a new family doctor. Our pediatrician, while one of the few in the springs that accepts unvaxed kids as patients, is still nowhere near the kind of physician I'd like to have for our children. If you don't mind sharing the name of the physician you blogged about, I'd really appreciate it. amber@ darlingdiapers D0T com
Thanks a bundle!