Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Save us from ourselves!

Apparently when the small but vocal loser contingent of our military isn't busy raping girls or shooting and burning their innocent families, they are throwing puppies off cliffs. I believe that the vast majority of the American military is made up of heroic, upstanding American men and women who are working hard to protect our country. Then there's the other half a percent. The losers. They are ruining it for all of us. And, realistically, there is not a man or woman running for president who could save our international image from jerks like this.

See the story (and try not to watch the video) here.

Let's hope that the puppy was actually a stuffed animal and the sad barking noises were dubbed in post production.

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Michael said...

yeah it's utterly disgusting. i didnt watch the video because well... how many people want to see that... but I heard they are still trying to determine if it was real or fake.