Monday, April 07, 2008

Dear Prankster

Dear Prankster,

You selfish little twit. Today was supposed to be the only day I have to myself all week long. You see, both of my kids are in school and I don't work on Mondays so I get to do whatever I want for this precious three and a half hours. I was planning to drop my kids off, run a few errands, and then take my dog to our favorite dog park. It's the one down south with the creek that runs through it and a long trail to walk with my dog off leash -- do you know that park? My dog really loves to swim in that creek, but we don't get to go there often because it's a long drive and I don't like to take my kids into the dog park.

So, when you let the air out of all of the school bus tires on all of the school buses in our district, your dumb little prank really screwed up my day. My only day. This is the day I look forward to because free days rarely happen in the life of a mom. But, now one of my kids has a two hour delay so she won't start school until 10:20. The other one's school is probably canceled because they cancel school whenever there is a two hour delay. Now today is going to give me less freedom than even a normal day when at least my one kid is in school at 8:20.

Lucky you -- you get to go into school two hours late. I'm sure that makes you happy to know that your lazy a%& can stay in bed for an extra two hours. If I knew who you were, I'd come pull you out of bed and wring your skinny little selfish neck. That's what moms do when we don't get a day off.

A P.O.'d Mom

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