Monday, April 07, 2008

Free Tibet.

I love the protests surrounding the Olympic torch's journey through London and Paris. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens tomorrow in San Francisco -- just hoping nobody will get hurt. The banners hung on the Golden Gate Bridge today were hung by members of Students for a Free Tibet. I'm happy to say that Brynn has been sporting a bumper sticker on her Gator from Students for a Free Tibet for about two years now. As soon as the protests started in Lhasa a month ago, we grabbed another sticker from our stash and put it on Scott's Jeep. His car is just old enough to carry such a protest.


Scott Dickman said...

The views expressed by this blog are not necessarily shared by Hillary's husband. The Tibet sticker on my car is more because I'm not a big China fan. Yes, Tibet should be free, but the Jeep is wearing the sticker because China takes all our oil, cement, is polluting our environment, and they abort most of their sweet little girls.

Michael said...

i was watching CNN during the torch problems today... basically that the torch couldn't be brought through the streets due to all the protesting. The whole time I was wondering, who cares if the torch actually goes down the street or runs it's route? If there is any chance of issues or violence, why not just turn right around and keep the torch going through other countries? It benefits no one besides the pride of the torch bearers and also has the potential to bring harm to them. It was a waste of time attempting to do such a traditionally but mostly pointless act. No protesting or any issues, go ahead and walk the torch down the street, but under those circumstances, it seemed silly.