Friday, April 18, 2008

Just five minutes

Last night as I was sitting at the pool reading a book and waiting for Brynn to finish her swim class, I received a disturbing phone call. Here's how it went:

Me: Hello?
Scott: Hey. So, are you busy tomorrow?
Me: (thinking: hmmm...that's a dangerous question to answer. What kind of errand is he going to want me to run for him? How should I answer that? Be vague...) I don't know. Why?
Scott: You're going to need to take Callie in for a haircut.

Me: (thinking: did I do THAT bad of a job trimming her bangs? I mean, I know it's not perfect, but...) What happened?

Scott: She gave herself a haircut. I was doing the dishes and she was only out of my sight for five minutes, but I've left the hair on the floor so you can see how much she cut off.

Grrr...yesterday afternoon I gave Callie a really fast bang trim between returning from her swim class and leaving for ballet. I've done better trims and I know I can get free bang trims in between cuts at her salon, but I just wasn't up for going into the mall, which is where the salon is. In my hurry to get her to ballet class, I forgot to take the scissors out of the bathroom. I did put them up really high on top of a cabinet, but height is no obstacle for Callie. Days go by when I think she's half monkey. I returned home from Brynn's swim class to find a pile of hair in the bathroom (most of it was in the garbage can already -- I'm not sure if that was Callie's doing or Scott's) and my sweet little girl sitting up in her bed looking at me from under someone else's mullet. Oh, wait, no. That really WAS her hair. It just didn't look like it.

Callie before her five minutes alone:

Callie's hair in the bathroom after her five minutes alone:

Callie after her five minutes alone:

This morning I made her put on a baseball hat before leaving the house. She kept it on while we did some shopping at Costco, and then took it off before walking into the mall. Her regular stylist was booked through Tuesday (but this obviously couldn't wait that long) so we went with a nice girl named Bridget. I think she did a great job texturizing the front so that Callie's blunt cuts blend in well, but I might go back and have her take more off the back. It's still a bit mullet-ish for my taste. The good thing is that Callie's got the perfect face for short bangs, or really, for short hair. She's got such a little face and such adorable little features, that having no hair (or only a little hair) works for her. For most of us, hair that short would look silly. But, some people can pull it off. I saw Jamie Lee Curtis on tv recently and I like her short cut. If she can pull off a cut that short, I know Callie can.


Michael said...

2 questions:

1. are the pictures the before the haircut or after the haircut photos of Callie?

2. When did this blog turn X-rated? I think a different picture of jamie lee curtis is in order.

Hillary Dickman said...

1. The photos are from after she cut her own hair but before she had a professional cut.

2. Are you serious? It's a low cut dress but not THAT revealing!! Wait til you read my next post...

Hillary Dickman said...

OOOHHH...On second glance, I'll crop that photo.