Monday, April 28, 2008

My yummy lunch

My lunch today was soooo good I just had to share a photo with you. I made french toast out of leftover multigrain french bread that I sliced and left out over night to get good and stale. I had plenty of *real* maple syrup (not HFCS with brown color added). I also had leftover egg/milk mixture to soak the bread in and a bunch of strawberries that I really wanted to eat. I think because strawberries are in season now (at least in California), they have gotten cheaper in the past few weeks. I bought a four pound box from Costco for around five bucks. Since we bought the enormous box of strawberries, we've had strawberry shortcake, strawberry french toast, strawberry frappuccinos, and strawberry ice cream with strawberries on top. Yum!

As requested by my loyal reader Laura, I've also posted an "after" photo of Callie. Remember, she cut her bangs off a week or two ago so I had to take her in to see her stylist who "finished" Callie's cut. Her haircut reminds me a little bit of a monk, but as it grows out I'm sure it will improve. It takes all of my self control not to have the stylist cut the rest of it off, too. I do love how Callie looks with a pixie cut, but I'd like to let it grow a bit and see what happens. She is, after all, three years old and will be three and a half when she starts preschool next year. I can't force her, by giving her a baby haircut, to remain a baby forever.


3boys247 said...

Dear Callie,

Your haircut is super double stylish. I really like, we should let those bangs grow back in for a while before we try that trick again. In fact, let's not try that trick again. And in 30 years when you and Hayden have a baby and she cuts off her hair, I promise to tell her all about your early start as a hairdresser.

your future mother in law,

Hillary Dickman said...

We saw Ben on our way to school today -- he was behind us on the freeway. It took all I had not to say, "Callie, look, there's your future father-in-law!"

Really, it was the thought of explaining the meaning of "father-in-law" and dealing with the weird replies from Callie (something like, "spectacled bears say hrrr, hrrr") that kept me from telling her.

3boys247 said...

Yes, they don't really get those concepts easily. Hayden still thinks he will be a mommy when he grows up. I do not plan to take him to Trindad anytime soon, so hopefully he will grow up to be a daddy.

BTW, lunch looked great. Did you forget my number? I was available, and hungry.....

Anonymous said...

Will we get the same great breakfast and other goodies when we visit this summer? All looks super just like "Pixy Girl"

Love, Grandpa

Hillary Dickman said...

You'll get even better breakfasts...right now I'm reading a biography of Alice Waters and her restaurant, Chez Panisse. I expect it to make me a better cook!