Monday, April 21, 2008

Our UNrepresentative

This guy is a moron. And he's a State Representative from Colorado Springs. Our UNrepresentative representative. He's totally anti-tax to the point of unreasonable-ness. Scott and I are as anti-government involvement as any sane person can be which, I suppose, makes this guy insane. His name is Doug Bruce and he ended up in our state House of Representatives sort of by a fluke. Nobody actually elected him -- he was appointed when the former rep dropped out or died or something. Whomever appointed him should be dishonorably discharged from all government affairs and never allowed to return, if that were only possible. We're not really sure how Doug Bruce became a Rep, we're just sad that he is. I think he used to be a county commissioner here in the Springs. I'm not sure what's worse -- the position he has now or having him here in our county.

So, what did Doug Bruce say today to get us so fired up? During a House debate today, he called temporary agricultural workers "illiterate peasants." Wow. Thanks for making us looks so good! I'm proud to be a resident of Colorado Springs! With somebody like Doug Bruce representing our fine city, who wouldn't be?! His comment immediately reminded me of the two Ken Follett books that I just read, where the majority of people actually WERE illiterate peasants. Does he really want us to go back to feudalism? Talking like that does nothing to forward reasonable debate or create reasonable legislation. Apparently when he said it, his comment elicited loud gasps from those present for the debate. He was quickly cut off from participating in the debate, thankfully. I also gasped when I saw the headline stating, "Bruce calls farmworkers 'illiterate peasants'."

I mean, really, what kind of dummy says stuff like that? And why does he have to call the Springs home? WE DON'T WANT YOU! FIND A NEW HOME!

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