Saturday, April 26, 2008

Super double messy

Tonight Scott and I put the girls to bed early and sat down to a lovely dinner of spinach lasagna and fresh, local (!) asparagus. As I was grabbing some dessert for us, Scott decided to have one more small serving of lasagna. Apparently he thought his serving would be so small that it didn't merit the extra chore of carrying his plate with him from the table to the counter to collect his second serving. Instead, he attempted to balance the piece of lasagna on the spatula and ferry it across the kitchen to his plate. Unpredictably (at least, to him), the lasagna was a bit slippery on the bottom and began to slide off of the spatula. He attempted to rescue it with his fingers.

Here's a little known fact about my husband: he has extremely sensitive skin, especially on his hands (which is, he claims, what made him a good wide receiver). Water that seems lukewarm to me scalds him. Although the lasagna had been out of the oven for at least half an hour, the second his fingers sprang to its rescue he started shouting out in pain and the lasagna fell to its death on our floor, somehow also splattering itself on our wall. This, though, is one of the joys of having a dog as part of our family. I called Libbie over and within a few short minutes, the floor was nearly spotless. Here she is cleaning up after my super double sensitive husband. A note on "super double" -- it is the girls' new favorite adverb (adverbs modify adjectives as well as verbs, so I think "super double" is an adverb even though it doesn't end in -ly like we usually expect -- leave a comment if you're a grammar sleuth), and I like to interject it wherever I have an opportunity. Callie's most creative use of "super double" recently? "My new haircut is super double cool."

Check out the lasagna splattered on my formerly clean wall. Nasty, isn't it? Dropping it on the floor made Scott (predictably) pretty angry. As I joked with him about it while he was trying to eat his second, second piece, he got even more angry and called my iPod boyfriend, Michael Bublé, a really nasty word that I will refrain from repeating. Ouch. After that, Libbie and I cleaned up the rest of the lasagna in silence (although I had to work hard not to laugh out loud at my overreacting husband).

Once the wall was clean, I made myself scarce so that he could concentrate on watching four Bengals news conferences. They did, after all, draft some new players today. What could be more exciting in the life of a Bengal fan than, once again, having a chance to look forward to a new season of football? Next season always seems like it will be better than the one that just ended. That's what happens when you're a fan of a team that is perennially disappointing. Sorry I have to end on that's my recompense for Scott super double slandering my iPod boyfriend.


Michael said...

im already super double perturbed that the bengals took Simpson in the second round. He may be good but they had the entire WR field to choose from and then chose an unknown. I hope he pans out or I will be super triple annoyed this fall.

3boys247 said...

I can't wait to see Callie's super double cool haircut while riding her super double cool trike. Where are those pictures? How is Brynn doing on her super double fast bike?