Thursday, April 24, 2008

The world is (not) your ashtray.

Here's something that really gets my blood boiling. I get really mad (and aggressive) when I am driving behind someone who tosses a finished cigarette out the window of their car. It happened twice today. The first person was someone I wouldn't have suspected: a mom driving a minivan with kids in it. WHAT? I thought people (especially moms) knew better than to smoke with kids in their car, even if they don't know better than to litter. I blasted her with my really lame horn the second I saw the butt fly out the window. Unfortunately, my horn is so lame that she probably didn't even hear it, especially not if the kids in her car are as loud as the kids in mine. It might be time to get a Dixie horn just to whale on cigarette-butt-throwers.

The second litterbug was less of a surprise. An old (like, mid-eighties) Honda civic, speeding and tailgating people, with California plates. Anytime a Coloradan sees a car with California plates, it produces feelings of anxiety. Then to see that the person is a crummy, disrespectful driver AND a litterbug...well, that only justifies those feelings. Not to say that I have lived here long enough to qualify as a Coloradan or that I wasn't born and raised in California. I've only been here for four years, about a fifth of the time that I considered myself a Californian. But, I feel like a Coloradan, for whatever that's worth. And I feel qualified to critique rude drivers, especially if they're not "one of us." And, even more so when they're litterbugs who might start a grass fire.

So, what's the solution? How about this? USE YOUR ASHTRAY! And then throw the nasty butts in your garbage can when you get home. Rocket science.

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Michael said...

2 things:

1. the mazda 3 does have a lame horn... if i ever honk the horn, i feel like my car has laryngitis and it makes me and everyone around me laugh. No one ever hears it.... ever!

2. I thought I read this on CNN but I can't find the link now. There was an article about how most of the litter in the world is from smokers. Here's a similar story:
Another reason to dislike smokers... at least you weren't inhaling the smoke they blow out of their window from in front of you, it definitely happens.