Sunday, May 18, 2008

2008 Dance Recital

This weekend was the girls' first dance recital, and I hope that it was't their last. The dance school that they are in is amazing -- it's very low-key while still teaching even the youngest kids the basics of ballet and other dance styles. The teachers are more patient than I could ever imagine being and they are extremely supportive of the girls. Even when the girls are messing around or performing without actually knowing the dance steps, the teachers love them and encourage them as if the girls were perfect. It's also the least expensive dance school I've found in our area, probably because they don't have a studio. Instead, the school borrows (or maybe rents for very cheap) space from local churches for dance classes.

The photos linked below are actually from the rehearsal. Photography was not allowed during the actual recital. All of the photos from Brynn's number were taken from the side of the stage. I was a stage mom (had to hang out with her class and get the girls to and from the stage) so I couldn't get photos from a great angle. The photos of Callie's class were taken from up in the balcony, where I was sitting with Brynn and her classmates, so they're not great, either. Both girls were pretty exhausted (and, at times, moody) during and after the show. But, it was a fun experience overall.

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