Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Am I in a bad mood?

Or is it just my personality that causes me to enjoy putting people in their place? Why do I always need to be right? These are questions I've been contemplating for a few years now -- especially when I see the same trait in one of my daughters. My know-it-all-ness tends to makes my skin crawl. But, there are times when I just can't help myself. Reading the comments on this IHT asparagus blog post was one such instance. After reading what the commenter (did I just make up that word?) from Oregon said, I was so annoyed I couldn't resist posting a comment in response. Of course, I did it in the nicest tone I'm capable of. Unfortunately, my fake smile doesn't come through the written word well. My comment is still awaiting moderation (if I'm lucky the moderator will leave it on the cutting room floor), so here's what I said to the cheap-asparagus-lover from Oregon:

Oh, how sad! If you’re getting asparagus year round, that means it’s being shipped in from various parts of South or Central America at least nine months out of the year. That means your year-round asparagus is leaving a huge carbon footprint which makes it not so cheap after all. The best part of asparagus is the novelty of eating the locally-grown variety in season and only in season. A good challenge for all of us asparagus lovers!

What I forgot to say is that if she would try eating asparagus only in season, she'd realize how much better it tastes when it's eaten at its peak of ripeness instead of after sitting in a shipping container for two weeks.

Actually, to give myself a little slack, I didn't know any of this about asparagus until I read Barbara Kingsolver's book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. She goes nuts for fresh, local asparagus in her book and I've taken her attitude on as if I were an asparagus farmer selling my crops at the local farmer's market, dependent on locavores to buy my produce. Yeah, sometimes I get crazy about topics that seem a little out there. This might be one of them.


Dad said...

Your comment about eating asparagus in season is right out of the Ominvore's Dilemma. This is not bad but rather shows you've read up on the subject.....

Michael said...

I think it’s fairly obvious that the commenter of the article is naïve. You should have left them to their own stupidity.

Hillary Dickman said...

See, this is the problem. When it is clear to me that someone is naïve or stupid (or both) I feel the need to point it out to them rather than let them wallow in it. Especially when it's someone who makes a dumb comment like that as if they're smart or lucky to get to eat asparagus year round. See how terrible I am? I just can't leave people like thinking that they're right.

Also, I think that the commenter, though naïve and uneducated when it comes to food consumption and the environment, is representative of typical Americans, or at least those who buy produce instead of eating fast food for 75% of their meals. Maybe that's why I made the comment. But, I would think that most people who read that particular section of the IHT know better than asparagus lady (or guy?) from Oregon.