Monday, May 26, 2008

Day Hike

Last Monday my parents, Libbie, and I went for a hike to Barr Camp. Barr Camp is the halfway point of the Barr Trail, the main trail leading to the top of Pikes Peak. This isn't your typical walk in the park, especially for two grandparents who just drove over 1200 miles from Michigan a couple days prior. The trail is 6.8 miles (one way) and has an elevation gain of 3,600 feet, topping out at 10,200 feet.
Yes, Libbie has her own backpack which garnered comments from many passersby. She has to have some way to pack out her poop.

I try to take my dad on a mini-outdoor adventure everytime he visits. For example, last time I almost killed him when we sumitted Blodgett Peak. For this visit I thought Barr Camp would be fun. Since my mom is in the best shape she's been in for the last 20 years, we wanted her to try also.

After visiting the local 24-hr Mexican restaurant for breakfast, we got to the trail head around 7:00 AM and began hiking. The weather was perfect, and after about four hours of strenuous hiking up the trail we arrived at Barr Camp. We took a 30 minute rest at the camp and then headed down. Going down the trail was the part that made us all a little (understatement) sore the next day, but we made it back to the car about seven hours and almost fourteen miles after we had started. It was a great day.

Mom, Dad - You survived! Let's try rock climbing next time!


Michael said...

i want to do that next time we visit!! book it!

Hillary Dickman said...

No way, dude. Next time you come he's taking you and Liz all the way to the top. Better come when there's no snow up there. Maybe you should just start training to do the Pikes Peak Marathon with him next summer.